Trex Screening

Trex Screening

Trex Composite Screening

Trex Screening is made from the same high quality material used in Trex’s Transcend® Composite decking range. Trex Screening is aesthetically beautiful, and structurally sound; making it the perfect material for your Perth garden feature, a cosy outdoor living area, or a privacy fence around your yard to create the perfect oasis for you and your family.


Trex Composite Screening Perth Island Mist 52x19x3660mm

Island Mist 52 x 19 x 3660mm

Trex Screening is comprised of the exact same technology used in Trex’s Transcend® Composite decking range, with one simple difference; each board have been compacted to make it suitable for your Perth Screening needs.

Trex Transcend Composte Screening Perth Spice Rum 52x19x3660mm

Spice Rum 52 x 19 x 3660mm


Trex Screening is not only easy to maintain, or enduringly resilient; but it is also contributes to a greener, better environment for you and future generations. An astounding 95 % of Trex Screening is constructed using recycled materials such as; recycled wood, sawdust, and plastic bags. This earth-friendly formula, coupled with ground breaking green manufacturing processes, makes it hard to find a Composite decking product that is more actively suited to eliminate the negative impacts of decking and deforestation worldwide.

Trex Screening can be bent to a radius of two metres making it ideal for good looking, long lasting garden edging. Trex timber screening is available in 52 x 19mm boards, has a standard length of 3.66metres. A ground clearance of 50mm is required and 800mm spacing between vertical supports. Trex screening is finished with the rear/backside uncapped to ensuring the board breathes, and a capped front to ensure protection from Perth’s variant elements. Trex Screening comes in a variety of tropical colours which include: Spiced Rum, Lava Rock, Tiki Torch and Island Mist

With Trex Screening you can create the perfect outdoor environment for your Perth home or business. Create the perfect outdoor earth-friendly environment by combining your Trex screening with range of Trex Composite decks, balustrading, light fixtures, and other hardware. So don’t hesitate to get the very best in Screening for your Perth Outdoor needs. Invest in Trex, the  #1 decking brand.