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Trex is the inventor and the world’s largest manufacturer of timber alternative Composite decking. Trex composite decking combines the beauty and durability of ordinary timber decking, and eliminates the cost of maintaining ordinary timber decking. Creating a superior product that is durable and sustainable; ideal for all Perth seasons. Trex is the world’s #1 composite decking brand, and they are often commended for the quality, beauty, and durability of their composite decking.

Trex was built on the basis of green principles and the sustainability of the environment for future generations. Trex strives to prioritise the importance of green methods in their manufacturing process; they recycle factory refuse back into their manufacturing lines, and even use vegetable oil to power plant hydraulics in some of their manufacturing plants.


Over the last 25 years, Trex Composite decks have inspired people in Perth and across the globe to harness the possibilities of the great outdoors right in their own backyards. Trex composite decking is a revolutionary product which is the result of high performance engineering and continuous innovation.  Trex Composite decking is made from a combination of reclaimed timber, sawdust, and recycled plastic bags.  A staggering 95.4% of Trex composite decking is made from recycled materials; as a result, Trex’s manufacturing process saves a whopping, 200 million Kilograms of plastic and wood from landfills every year.

Trex decks are not just any decking. They are a long term investment in the value of your Perth home, your leisure time, and ultimately enhance how you experience your home. Trex composite decks are versatile, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Trex composite decks are living rooms, a great place to relax and enjoy a summer BBQs while you take advantage of Perth summers, a beautiful breakfast nook, and much, much more.

About Trex Decking

It’s a fact of life – in today’s busy world, people just aren’t able to “get away” to that beach shack or holiday house as much as they’d like to. Plus, there’s the added cost and stress of traveling. How many times have you come back from vacation more exhausted than you were before you left? Especially if you have kids.

Fortunately, creating an outdoor oasis in your own backyard allows you to “escape” anytime you want – without the additional expense or hassle of taking a trip. And with high-performance, low-maintenance Trex decking, your resort-like aspirations are within reach.

Think Outside The Box

Think Outside the “Box.” It may be tempting to rush out and buy any decking material to construct your standard “box” deck – after all, the quicker the project is done, the quicker you can enjoy it, right? Like anything else in life, though, you get out what you put in. If you plan your deck as an afterthought, you can guarantee that’s how it will be treated once it’s constructed. And why go to the time and expense to construct a space that won’t be used to its full potential? Instead, take some time to envision how you plan on enjoying your deck, and let your dreams inspire the design.

In terms of shape, remember that decks no longer need to be simply square. Think ‘outside the box’ and consider an outdoor living space that spans multiple levels or wraps around two or more sides of your home. With Trex’s proprietary CustomCurve™ technology, TrexPros can demonstrate their true artistry with curved deck designs that are truly out of this world!

BBQ Master

If you’re the “a BBQ Master,” plan a designated outdoor kitchen or cooking space. Likewise, if you anticipate enjoying a good book in the shade, construct a cosy corner where you can unwind and escape. Think about your outdoor living space in terms of different activities – and create separate areas for relaxing, cooking, dining and socialising.

Design With Distinction

Water and light features are both wonderful additions when you want to create an outdoor resort. The sound of moving water is an element that lends an otherworldly feel to a backyard retreat. And when it comes to lighting, options like those offered in the Trex DeckLighting™ system add a soft welcoming glow – as well as more safety and security. These easy-to-install LED dimmable lights create a cosy ambience for your outdoor living space, and extend the time you can spend outside. After all, what kind of party ends when the sun goes down?

Make Materials Matter

Who wants to spend their time maintaining – rather than enjoying – their outdoor living space? Make you deck “work” for you by incorporating durable, low-maintenance materials right from the get-go. High-performance Trex Transcend® or Trex Contour® decking withstand years of heavy foot traffic and severe weather, and need only a simple soap and water cleaning to keep a “like new” appearance. No sanding, painting or high-pressure washing required. Better yet, Trex Transcend and Trex Contour offer the peace-of-mind of a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty.

Colour Your World

As a tradesman, performance is key, but as a designer, colour rules. It’s usually the first thing you notice about a deck. Select a style and colour scheme for your outdoor living space that best complements your home’s exterior and reflects the natural environment.

For instance, Trex Transcend features rich saturated colours inspired by outdoor elements – such as deep-burnished bronze, earthy brown, pristine streaky grey with names like Tiki Torch, Spiced Rum, Island Mist and Lava Rock, which mimic the variegated streaked look of exotic tropical hardwoods. Beauty and performance – it’s the best of both worlds!
If you need some inspiration, check out one of the many displays.

Build A Firm Foundation

Like most things in life, it’s what’s underneath that really counts. This definitely holds true for outdoor living spaces. Homeowners often don’t realize that creating a deck that will remain sturdy and stable for years to come requires the right sub framing system. In fact, a high-quality well-built sub structure offers a strong return on investment and adds years to the life of a deck.

Send For Backup

The help of skilled professionals can often make all the difference between a good deck and a great one. A designer – or a TrexPro Tradesman with design skills – can draw inspiration from your lifestyle, aesthetics and outdoor environment to create the deck of your dreams. When hiring an installer, ask to see a portfolio of past work. Trex makes it easy to find the right talent for your outdoor living project through its statewide network of TrexPros. These certified professionals can help you design and build a deck from start to finish – ensuring that your dream outdoor living space is in experienced hands.

For more ideas and advice – or to find a TrexPro in your area – be sure to contact us today.

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