Decking Products

Decking, fasteners, drill sets. We have it all.

Decking Products


At WCT we believe that Perth is one of the best cities in the world in which to live. And our amazing weather makes living outdoors a reality we can enjoy every day. These products will help give you more time and less work. Check them out and yes it is more expensive than paving but have you ever heard anyone say “let’s go hang out on the paving.”


Trex Products

Your deck is more than just boards. It’s also railing. And deck framing. Possibly a pergola. Deck lighting. And definitely some patio furniture. Every Trex® piece can stand on its own with our signature blend of style and strength, or come together as one weather-shrugging, long-lasting, easy-to-care-for outdoor oasis. Find all the right Trex products for you.

Trex Lighting
Easy to install deck-light ambience

Trex Rain Escape
A unique under-deck drainage system

Trex Balustrades
Durable and luxurious railing