Composite Decking

The deck that lasts!

Composite Decking


Mention Monkey Mia and most people think of dolphins. Not here at WCT Distributors. We automatically think “Trex Composite Decking!” when anyone mentions the world-famous tourism attraction 800kms north of Perth.

That’s because the 120,000 tourists who visit the Monkey Mia Visitor Centre each year are now enjoying the comfort and beauty of Trex composite decking boards. In fact, no less than 350sqm of Trex Pebble Grey Contour decking boards were supplied by WCT Distributors to replace the centre’s aging pine boardwalk.

Located in a World Heritage Reserve Area in Shark Bay, Monkey Mia is situated on the extreme western edge of Australia so it was vital that the materials used to rebuild the 15-year-old boardwalk could withstand the exposed location and its harsh conditions.

Enter tough, durable Trex composite decking boards, which as we all know can hold their own in extreme environments, resisting salty water, handling intense sun and coping with powerful winds – not to mention the thousands of sandy feet that make their way up from the beach and into the Monkey Mia visitor centre. Many tourists enjoy their dolphin experience in bare feet, so the fact that Trex does not splinter, split, twist, rot or warp was another big plus.

Made of 95 per cent recycled content, including plastic as well as reclaimed wood and sawdust, Trex is hardwearing and eco-friendly. It also will not discolour, rust or fade, requires very little maintenance and is resistant to termites.

With the grey tones of the new decking complementing Monkey Mia’s stunning environment, Trex offered an ideal combination of endurance and easy-care good looks.

As the only importers and distributors of Trex in WA, we’re proud to have contributed to the enjoyment of one of the world’s most natural dolphin experiences. No doubt we’ll still be thinking “Trex!” at any mention of Monkey Mia for many years to come – and not just because the new boardwalk is expected to last well beyond Trex’s 25-year warranty period.